Dallas Show

It’s been a long time since I’ve played at Opening Bell Coffee. I’m excited once again to be joining Songwriters in the Round – this time on Monday, June 20th. Show starts at 7:30pm and there is a $5 suggested donation. Taylor Davis will be hosting!



I tend to keep these posts somewhat relevant / music related. Today I ask myself, “why should I be so formal?” I don’t have to only speak of music; it’s my blog and I can post whatever I want.

Right now I want to post about cats. Cats! Cats! Cats!


BONUS! Music related! This is why I need an iPad. And another cat.

It’s much too pink over here.

I’ll get right on that and tweak the font color a bit… sometime soon.

Likely even sooner, I’ll be playing at Thunderbird Coffee on Manor Road in Austin on Saturday April 30th, 8pm.

On a more serious matter, my thoughts go out to the friends and family of Andrew Runciman. He tragically lost his young life last weekend while riding his bike. You can learn about his story here and here.

Be Safe,

One more thing- very important. The motorist responsible for his death has not been found. 


No Show?

Womp, womp, womp.

I’m sad to report that I won’t be performing at Mozart’s on February 13th as originally planned, due to double booking.

I don’t have any Austin shows lined up at the moment, but let’s face it: it’s really freaking cold out right now. Who wants to go outside?

*Cue the hot chocolate and warm blankets!

First of 2011…

Ok, so today’s post isn’t actually on the 1st of 2011, but it is the first blog entry of the year! And I just wanted to mention that Friday marked the first show I’ve played for the year!

Best wishes to you and your firsts of 2011! Happy New Year!!

P.S. If interested, I clocked in at a total of 57 shows for 2010… a big leap from the 13 shows I played for 2009. 🙂


I’ve been updating my calendar archives (which I plan to post here soon); these list my previous shows/dates/details.

Initially, when I arrived in Austin, I didn’t play live shows much in comparison to my performance schedule while living in Dallas. Late 2009 I realized I had missed playing and decided to step it up a notch.

In 2010 alone, including my weekly lunch residency, I have played 53 shows.

I’m just sayin’…

*jaw drops*

Why suddenly so girlie here?

My apologies, to the 5 of you who check this site regularly, for not posting in a while. I’ve been meaning to post and figured now was as great a time as any.

…I’m wired from my caffeine-overdose-assisted drive home from Dallas and the hour is unmentionable. The time stamp you see on this post is a shameful cover-up.

Funny thing is, before I actually thought of what to post, I started tweaking the visual settings on this page and before I knew it- I totally changed up the place!

If you’re hoping for relevant information, I’m playing in Flower Mound early December. As for Austin appearances, I’m hoping to wait out the weather until it’s so cold that venues will only allow me to play indoors. A girl’s gotta think about these things.

Until then…