Black Lives Matter

Nothing I say could possibly convey an understanding of the black struggle. To my brothers and sisters in the black community please know – I hear you and I see you. I recognize that your community has been oppressed for hundreds of years and that oppression has continuously found a way to evolve. That through the ages, despite constitutional amendments, organized protests, marches, sit -ins… that discrimination is pervasive. That callous blood shed of countless innocents continues. That you’ve been provided false assurances and empty gestures by those who would oppress you or those who would idly stand by.

I plea along side you for an end to systemic racism and racial bias – for an end to police brutality and an end to violence against black lives and black bodies. You, your children, and those who came before you, deserve so much better.

Musicians are indebted to black artists and black artistry for their undeniable influence and impact on the music and art we consume and create. But let us not only celebrate you at your finest – let us support and empower you at your most vulnerable.

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